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PAT'S BLOG {見つめるたびに恋♥}
夏のまえにキミに逢えたから, 待ちきれないよ Beautiful Days!
Recent Memories 
17th-Sep-2020 06:09 pm - MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE!
Heyy everyone! Just wanted to say that I made a MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE!
If you have the time please drop by, listen to my music and stuff. Thank you :)

Panda Dress-Up
17th-Sep-2017 09:17 am - ガンガンガンバッテ!

but only
30% Real Life post (private post's)

Everyone on earth and BEYOND!
I'm Patricia, but Pat for short.... 

 If you want a friend than just add mee!
By just adding a comment!

For short i am a JE lover, Japanese drama lover, Kawaii Lover, Sport's lover, .... and etc
and (again) if you are a JE FAN 
 Even more specific:

Get to Know ME!!Collapse )
 More about me here:

Credits to:

milou_veronica (Current Layout) *little edited by me..*
Thank You
Panda Dress-Up
Well here are my Claims,
Some blog crew i joined and
Some color bars!

OPEN HERE!✖Collapse )
Panda Dress-Up
26th-Apr-2012 10:59 am - Please Vote!
okey so I submitted a speech to the Student Globe Speech Contest about the Environment!
Please read and vote for mine, thank youu :)


Tell this to your friends, families and others! I hope that they are able to learn something about the environment through my speech!!
Panda Dress-Up
31st-May-2011 01:58 am - Koreaboo: Cube Audition 2011
Hello reader(s).

All I ask is that if you have the time you can watch, comment or like. Because to pass to round 2 I need to get as much views, likes, comments and etc as much as I can.

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnfGFyhpN4U

So when you have the time please view, comment, like and support! Thank you ^^v
Panda Dress-Up
26th-Mar-2011 11:00 am - New Song Cover! RANFORYOURLIFE.
Wohoo finally a song cover after a long time~
It's RAN's Kulakukan Semua Untukmu. 
Enjoy and please comment!

Panda Dress-Up
25th-Dec-2010 11:19 pm - Merry Christmas!
Hello 여러분!  みんあさん!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you all have a good one and get many presents hehe XD

Well today besides Christmas it was my Dad's and one of my friends birthday 
So basically today I ate with my Dad, Mom and Lil Sis to celebrate his birthday!

Besides that I'm quite upset that the MBC Star Video I posted did not get into the 
Voting Page on Youtube even though I uploaded it days before the deadline...
In my opinion I think that the process is quite unfair..
Even if it would take a longer time to view every single video but it seems that it's more of a popularity contest than a singing contest. Cause if you want your video to be able to be judged by the MBC staff you have to get lot's of views on their page and votes. But in my case my video wasn't even in their page so.. yeahh I had no choice.

But again there were people who were in the same situation as me.. Also the fact that there were videos that were sent 1 day before the deadline and had almost no views but it managed to be in the voting page, while some videos that were sent more than 3 - 4 before the deadline and had lot's of views did not make it into the voting page. But what can I do... all I can do now is probably go with the flow..  ~_~ 

For people who haven't seen my vid, here you goo..
Sorry if I sounded bad cause I had a cold when I recorded it.. 

MBC Star Audition Video 

So again Merry Christmas, may your wishes come true :) 
Panda Dress-Up
19th-Dec-2010 01:46 pm - what I've been doing..
So while I took my break from Livejounral

1. Made an asianfanfics account and started
    my first fanfiction called Makes Me Wonder starring B2ST!

2. Have my on radio called patsmomentsinthesun radio.
    The time when it's on or not is updated on my twitter http://twitter.com/patdh17

please take a look when you have some timee!! :) :) 
Panda Dress-Up
22nd-Nov-2010 09:42 am - MBC STAR AUDITION 2010
But I'm posting here about my video for the 2010 MBC STAR AUDITION

Here is my videooo. I'm just hoping that you can view it maybe a thumbs up ^^b
But please between the Nov. 28 - Dec.3 within the MBC Star Audition official Youtube Channel
all the videos will be put there and have to be voted.
So please view and vote for minee!! Thank you so much. 

29th-Aug-2010 12:22 pm - OMAGAHHH


It's just that I've been busy -_-;;

But now I'll totally use my livejournal again don't worry!!

Bye for now, Pat :)
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